Solar Pond Filters

In this energy conscious day and age of solar panels to heat your home and solar lighting to illuminate your walkway; why not use a solar pond filter to keep your beautiful backyard pond clear, clean and healthy. Whether your pond is for decorative plantings or koi fish, a solar pond filter is a wise choice.

Left unattended, a backyard pond will become contaminated with a variety of parasites, algae, and various other fungi and bacteria, but the possibility of diseases is not the only reason to use a solar pond filter. Having clear, clean and pristine water in your pond will make for an inviting and serene place to spend your time.

Cyprio Model 1304 Bioforce 2000 Filter

Providing a clean habitat for your pond, the Cyprio Model 1304 Bioforce 2000 Filter can be buried or even used above ground. It is easy to install, clean and care for. The water that is biologically and mechanically filtered can exit the filter in a waterfall to add to the beauty of your pond. For use in ponds up to 2000 gallons. These cost around $200.

Small Tetra Pond Pressure Filter

What sets this model apart is that it has a one-step back flush valve that promotes ease of cleaning for all of us that would rather enjoy the serenity of our pond than spending hours maintaining it. If your preference is for a medium pond of 1500 gallons or less to enhance your backyard then the Small Tetra Pond Pressure Filter is the perfect choice for you. These cost around $170.

Becket 7109810 750-Gallon Pressure Filter

The Beckett 7109810 Pressure Filter uses a UV bulb to eliminate harmful algae. It is installed out of your pond, and is very easy to maintain. This filter is best utilized in small ponds of up to 750 gallons. The pressurized system can create an amazing waterfall for your enjoyment. These cost around $230.