Solar Pumps For Fish Ponds

Koi and Goldfish ponds are becoming more popular in creating a calming backyard retreat. Each type of fish presents its own challenge and difference in specifications for creating the perfect pond. Before you decide which brand of fish that you are going to purchase, it is important to consider the expense in preparing the ideal pond for your new acquisition.

The cost of creating a pond with fish will be more expensive than one without, mainly due to the need for a larger more powerful pump. Higher volumes of water pumping through the filtration system will be needed for Koi in order to create a current for the koi to swim against. It is optimal for the pump to circulate the entire contents of the pond every hour in order to maintain good hydration for the health of either fish that you choose.

The beauty of the koi would be enhanced if the addition of a waterfall is strategically placed. The pump pressure is essential in creating a waterfall not only for ambience, but also for maximum circulation.

While koi are beautiful and unique, they create far more problems in maintaining their environment due to their eating habits and their size. Goldfish create far less waste and therefore less pollution due to their small size and lesser food consumption. Therefore the need for a larger more efficient pump and filtration system is not necessary in order to handle the demands of goldfish.

Therefore when determining what size pond you wish to maintain, you will need to consider the size and expense of the pump that will be required in order to make the pond functional. Remember also that choosing a solar pump will offset the expense of electricity as long as you have a space with great sun exposure.