Solar Water Fountain Pumps

Everyone has that one special place that they like to go in order to unwind and find peace in their face-paced day. The soothing sound of a well-maintained water fountain can be that very serene addition to any home or backyard. A solar water fountain pump is ideal for that area that has no available electrical access nearby.

When choosing a solar power fountain pump it is important to remember that you will need an area with a high concentration of sunshine. Its low-voltage design will be an economical savings to your electric bill, which will offset the initial cost, which is more expensive than the direct drive style of pump.

The pump is the essential element in creating the ambience of the water fountain by the flow of water from either the side or the top of the fountain. Choosing the size of the pump is important in order for it to be able to handle the stream of water it will be powering. The gauge for deciding it is that the number of gallons per hour should be equivalent to the number of inches wide of the stream of water being pumped.

It is imperative that you create a fountain that is beautiful and functional. Seeing as the pump will be the foundation of your design when constructing your solar water fountain pump, the beauty will be in the effective flow of water created by the pump’s intake that draws the water through the pump. It is necessary to keep the pump’s intake submerged beneath the water.

So depending on the gallon size and design you choose in creating the perfect water fountain for your special place, you can find the perfect solar power fountain pump in the price range of $30 to $200.